Ergonomics DVD and booklet

Work at a computer, and not completely sure how to set yourself up?
Not sure where to turn to get the right advice?
“Your office set up” is the advice you can trust from experts in the field.
Created by Occupational Health Consultants and Physiotherapists this simple and easy to follow DVD and guide will assist you and your colleagues to set yourself up comfortably and efficiently at a seated computer work station.
Following this guide will help you:
 Increase work productivity
 Prevent and reduce postural pain and injury
 Prevent repetitive strains and niggles.
This product is valuable for individuals and organisations. By buying this product, you will receive:
 A DVD guide providing a clear step by step guide
 A supporting booklet with additional information, references and answers to frequently asked questions
 Access to our expert team for any additional questions
Price for one: $149

Price for set of five or more: $99 each
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