Trainer testimonials

“All the staff enjoyed your Training course. Even staff who often don’t comment have provided me with positive feedback. So keep doing it the way you are. The relevance to work area is a winner.”


Nev Zimmer, Manager Parking and Animal Control, City of Greater Bendigo (on “Work Smart, Live well” interactive Manual Handling training 2012)


“Yet again lots of important feedback from you and plenty of positive comments from the participants. I’m really happy you are conducting this training and the feedback from the staff is very positive.”

Mitch Kemp, Manager Parks and Natural Reserves, City of Greater Bendigo (on “Work Smart, Live well” interactive Manual Handling training 2011)


“I’d like to thank both you and Michael for developing such a fantastic course. I really appreciated that you took the time at the very beginning to find out just what everyone wanted to receive from the course, and that you then revisited that list to confirm that you had achieved those goals. You were both very informative and entertaining speakers and very generous with your knowledge and expertise. This, I feel, set the grounding for others in the group to share their knowledge and experiences as well.”


Linda MacKechnie, Physiotherapist. Participant in Occupational Health Physiotherapy Level 1 course, Hobart 2011(Co-developed and co-presented with Michael Roberts)



“David and Ros (Psychologist, co-trainer) quickly gained rapport with our group and the day was an excellent blend of learning and fun. It was helpful too to be left with some useful tips and exercises to manage stress better. Thanks for a valuable session”.

Villa Maria employee (on “Stress Management” whole day workshop, co-developed and co-presented with Dr Ros Lethbridge)



“David’s presentation skills, knowledge and manner was excellent. It made the whole day training go very quickly as we were involved in discussions and activity the whole day. I enjoyed it a lot”.

Deakin University employee (on “Communication Skills” whole day workshop, 2010)



“David used clear and engaging language. The fun practical exercises helped keep us alert and engaged.”


Rowena Kew (participant in “Wellbeing for the office worker” one hour workshop 2012)