Hiring me as a facilitator

As a Facilitator I have experience in working with a diverse cross section of workplaces and community groups. I can work with groups on a number of levels assisting with group objectives including:


    • Team building
    • Conflict resolution
    • Effective meetings
    • Change management
    • Strategic planning
    • Trouble shooting


I’m also an experienced MC for events such as fundraisers, conferences, workshops, functions and Trivia nights


Rates for service:
Full day: $2000 + GST
Half day: $1250 + GST
Evenings/weekends: Negotiable. Generally a loading of additional 25%


Contact me for more information.

Partner facilitators
One of my core values as a facilitator is that larger groups, or groups undergoing significant change will often need more than one facilitator.


My trusted faciliation partners include: