Facilitator testimonials

“David has a great way of connecting with a group. His listening skills help create a sense of safety that allows the entire group to go deeper so that its purpose can be revealed and met.  His sense of fun adds to the lightness that allows people to feel its ok to take risks and try new things.  His capacity to trust in the group process helps those within it reach beyond themselves… a rare talent”.


Steve Ray, Groupwork Institute of Australia


“Dave is a natural and highly skilled facilitator. He connects with people in a very real way and he guides any group with subtlety and ease. His directions are always clear and articulate; and his personable manner and flexiblapproach make people feel at ease and open with him. He is always highly professional in his approach, and reflective of himself and the group processes”.


Margo Lockhart, Freelance Facilitator, Melbourne



“In 2009, the Simply Silence meditation network participated in a strategic planning process facilitated by David Hall. This process was of great assistance in the planning and implementation of the expansion of our group’s operations, both nationally and internationally.  David assisted us in clarifying our aims and objectives and put plans in action to help achieve them”.

Our network was established in 2005 and the process facilitated by David Hall saw us gain better focus and vision, supporting our transition into a network with an international sphere of operations. David’s guidance with this strategic plan has also assisted our various centers to work together more closely and has helped our participant numbers to grow steadily”.

Paul Majewski, Simply Silence Meditation Group Co-ordinator


“Dave has been working as a Facilitator with our Community garden group to help us improve the effectiveness, harmony and efficiency of our meetings. Having Dave involved in the group has meant that we now have a much more streamlined meeting process, but are still able to work on a consensus decision making basis.  Dave’s involvement has taught us valuable tips in how to set agendas for the meetings, prioritise agenda items, keep meetings on track, and help prevent meetings from drifting off into distracting conversations”.


Eleisha Mullane, Merri Corner Community Garden president